‘Cause she’s still preoccupied with 1985

When I think about the 80s and theme, it brings to mind a decade home to many notable things, in entertainment, sports, politically, and in my family. During the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. men’s ice hockey team beat the USSR, and in the following game won the gold medal. In 1983, the film, The Outsiders, was released. The first Mac computer was introduced by Steve Jobs in 1984. The first hole in the ozone layer was reported in the year 1985. In 1987, the show “Full House” debuted on ABC. In 1988, my parents got married and the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl. Luckily for our class, in 1989, the World Wide Web was invented.

As it happens, The Outsiders (1983) is one of my favorite movies and, even though it is supposed to be set in the 60s, I think it represents a theme from the 80s that is present in many films from the decade. It follows teenagers and represents the way teens talk, act, and experience of growing up “on the wrong side of the tracks.” It also starred actors, like Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, and Ralph Macchio, who were actors that helped define coming-of-age films for the 1980s.

Personally, I love the theme for this semester because some of my favorite movies and music come from the 80s. There are so many different trends that began in the 80s are coming back now, like spandex and high-waisted jeans.

The 80s Fashion

More than anything, I love the 80s because it’s when my favorite love story took place, my parents.

Signing off dudes!