Daily Create a Story

In this time of crisis, there was a girl and she was a social butterfly but with the virus becoming so widespread she decided she would need to adopt a new way to live and interact with the world. She knew if she wanted a future, she would need to make decisions that would allow that. So she decided to adopt new ways of living.

One day, she realized she was out of hand soap. *gasp* The girl decided she needed to go to the store to get more. After she bought her hand soap, she ran into an old friend, who was with their significant other. Her friend introduced them and they shook hands!! To avoid an awkward situation, she quickly said her goodbyes and continued home. In a panic, the girl raced to the bathroom to wash her hands. She couldn’t stop panicking and thinking her future was in jeopardy, so she began to sing..

After her panic, she finally began to settle down. She decided she would need a new way to greet people in such a germ filled time. She thought for hours… could she touch elbows, fist bump? or could she possibly do a high-five with her foot? She wanted a greeting that would not involve touching other anyone else at all. Finally, it came to her…

She knew this would be the best way to remain a social butterfly when she had to go out, while still remembering to be cautious of other people’s germs. The jazz hands greeting became a worldwide sensation and everyone is doing it!

The jazz hands greeting became a worldwide sensation and everyone is doing it!

The End!

***p.s. I know this was a little bit dramatic but it was the best I could think of!

Radio Show

Last week for the 80s crime radio show, our group had some difficulties with UMW closing but also personal issues, which I am sure everyone has been dealing with. Originally, we reserved a room to record everything together but instead we each recorded segments. All of us put it our own time and audio so we could finish it up. Since the process of getting all the research together was already finished and I made my bumper the previous week. It was not too bad getting the segment together.

For some reason I am unable to embed the soundcloud audio into this post, so I will be providing a link!

What. A. Week. 7.

I am exhausted and so happy this week is over. I just took my LSAT and fell super behind.. Enough Said! Happy Spring Break.

What’s Their Damage? Bumper

This is a radio bumper I tried out for my groups show, I’m not sure how I like it though! The other beginning and end voice is the Joker from The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger. It’s one of my favorite lines and the Joker is my favorite super villain so I wanted to incorporate that. Then I used a small part of the emergency alert sound to cut to the other sound because that’s the sound they use to alert the public via radio. I wanted to use the show name, obviously, but I wanted it to sound like it was a witness speaking and the voice is distorted. Finally it cuts back to the Joker. Still not sure how I feel about it..

What’s Their Damage? Promo

The theme of the radio show my group is doing is 1980’s crime and are going to be discussing different crimes serial killers active in the 80s. The idea behind this logo was supposed to relate it to crime and anytime I think of crime and serial killers, my mind automatically associates blood. I didn’t want to just make the logo look like letters written in blood because it felt too obvious. I was looking for different images of blood spatter or crime reports and came across a clipart image, the bloody hand clutching the paper splattered in blood, which seemed perfect. Then, of course, I had to decide on a font to put the show name on the paper and found this font that looks like fingerprints inside the letters. I always associate fingerprints with crime scenes so I wanted to incorporate that somehow, and what’s better than fingerprint font! I felt like I should use font and illustration that could be easily associated with the crime theme, so if someone who didn’t know the theme were to see they would be able to get a general idea of it.

What. A. Week. 6.

Week six has been a rough one and I was sick so it took me a bit longer to get my assignments done, but I finally did and throughout the week I explored many more of the photoshop tools. I have been using the Adobe Photoshop software for a bit now but I took this week to really dive in and explore all the different tools available. The missing poster assignment was a little bit weird to make, but I worked really hard on it, using different tools on photoshop, trying to make the poster look worn and older. While exploring the Abode software this week, I feel like I really learned different ways to apply the effects and tools together. Unfortunately, I fell a bit behind during week six from not feeling well but now that I’m finally back to 100%, I am really excited to start working on the radio aspect of the course.

Favorite Movie Quote

“- Judge: The word ‘woman’ does not appear even once in the US Constitution.
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Nor does the word ‘freedom’, Your Honor.”

This quote and image is from the movie “On the Basis of Sex.” I chose to use this image because this part of the movie is based in the mid-late 1970s. The case this portrays is what kicked off the constitutional movement for gender equality under the law and gender equality was, and still is, important socially. The movement’s for gender equality and women’s equal rights played a big role in cultural attitudes towards women, so I feel that is important to recognize that role during a semester that discusses the 1980s.

Have You Seen Me?

During the week of design assignments, I chose to make a missing poster for myself. Originally, I felt weird making one for myself and I was going to make one for my dog but it made me too sad. The reason I chose to design the assignment the way I did was because I looked at several missing posters from the 1980s and found that the style I chose was used frequently in real missing posters. When I was writing the description for the “last seen” portion, I tried to describe what I was wearing in a way similar to what someone in the 80s would wear. Different styles were prevalent in the 80s but I found that Levy’s was a big brand name and my dad told me that checkered vans were also a big trend. I tried to edit the photo to make it look distressed.

So here is the final product…

What. A. Week. 5.

This week was really long but I’m glad I explored and figured out Audacity, even though it took me quite awhile. The sound effect story was a lot of fun to make and I worked really hard on it, trying to find the perfect sounds. Since I live in the loft of an old house I made sure to capture that with the old creaky door and steps. The other two audios I made this week were also fun! I definitely learned a lot from the exploration of Audacity and I think it will really help during the rest of the semester. Another thing from this week was the radio tweet along, the escape music and the scared tone of the characters voices, really creeped me out though.