What’s Their Damage? Bumper

This is a radio bumper I tried out for my groups show, I’m not sure how I like it though! The other beginning and end voice is the Joker from The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger. It’s one of my favorite lines and the Joker is my favorite super villain so I wanted to incorporate that. Then I used a small part of the emergency alert sound to cut to the other sound because that’s the sound they use to alert the public via radio. I wanted to use the show name, obviously, but I wanted it to sound like it was a witness speaking and the voice is distorted. Finally it cuts back to the Joker. Still not sure how I feel about it..

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me From Slowing This Down

I chose to do the Make It 800% Slower assignment and to be on theme I decided to use the song, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (1987) by Starship. I chose this song for the year but also because it’s one of my favorite songs. It took me a while to figure out how to adjust the pitch and everything when I slowed the track down but I’m happy it is finally complete!

Check it out!

Compilation of Sounds

I decided to compile an MP3 of my favorite sounds for one of my assignments this week. This assignment definitely took some thought because when I think of sounds I enjoy, I immediately think of songs or tiktok sounds. (lol) But, I wanted to think hard about it and pick sounds that I enjoy and wouldn’t think of until I heard them. After I thought about this for a couple days, I finally had decided what sounds I would use.

Below is a list of the sounds and why I chose them:

  1. The sound of a cracking back because there is nothing more satisfying to me than cracking my back, it feels and sounds AMAZING!
  2. A ticking clock because I listen to hypnosis to go to sleep and there is a ticking noise, so the ticking clock reminds me of sleeping, which is one of my favorite things.
  3. I included water flowing in the mountains because I really enjoy being outside and hiking. Plus, the sound of running water is really relaxing.
  4. The crackling of a bonfire, in the woods, is part of the track because it reminds me of fun nights next to the fire with my friends or camping with my family, making s’mores. Basically, the sound just makes me feel nostalgic.
  5. The final sound I used is an old jeep running. I know it’s noisy and a lot of people probably think it’s annoying, but I used to drive a 1991 Jeep Wrangler. It sounded just like that and it was and still is my favorite thing to drive.

I hope you all enjoy, be sure to check out!

Sound Effects Story

Hello friends!

For my sound effects story I decided to use sounds to demonstrate my morning routine for taking care of my dog, Rubeus. It begins with an alarm clock and I made sure to include the sound of a dog yawning because Ruby does it every time she wakes up and it’s the cutest sound. The time limit made it a little tough to put everything in the there that I do for her before I leave for class but I put the basics, like feeding her and taking her outside. This assignment was definitely challenging, it took me awhile to get used to using Audacity. Once I figured out the program, I sorted through sounds on freesounds for a few hours, just to see what they had. I’m really please how this assignment turned out overall!

Make sure to check it out on SoundCloud!