Video Essay

Unfortantely I had some technical difficulties, my computer spazzed out and my assignment got deleted and then my microphone would not work… So this is the best I could do sadly.

I chose to use the baptism scene from the movie the Godfather and I have the scene without sound and my audio typed out the best I could.

The scene opens in a church, far away, so you don’t see what’s happening, then the scene is cutting closer and closer to the baby, and we see catholic priests. From there, we see the hands of Michael and Kay, holding Connie’s baby and preparing for the baby for her baptism, and the scene cuts to the hands of a man, taking out a gun from a case and starting to assemble it. This shows the audience that the two things are happening at the same time and connect the two different settings. The scene cuts from the gun’s preparation to Clemenza carrying a box to his car, showing us we need to connect this other person to what’s happening with the gun. We now see a close up of Michael, looking very calm, and the priest using holy water for the baptism. The scene cuts again to a close up of a man at a barbershop smoking a cigarette, and he checks his watch, indicating he is waiting for something and demonstrating some anxiety. The next shot is from outside the shop, as though the man is being watched. The man is taking out what looks like a uniform, cutting back to the baptism of the baby. Now the man is dressed in a uniform and drops a gun and a police badge out of a paper bag, showing us he’s disguised, and he wipes his face. Now we see Clemenza with the box again, going up a flight of steps, cutting back to a wide shot of the church again, panning to the priest’s hands as he baptizes the baby. From then on we have another long shot of the congregation and then another brief close up of the baby, one on Michael, a mid-shot on Kay and the priest and then finally again with another close up on Michael. Now we see Barzini, walking down a corridor slowly and it starts with a very long shot. The fast pace of shots continue to span across the different people we’ve seen already, all of them looking like their preparing for something. The disguised policemen through is knocking on a window a chauffeur’s car gesturing for him to move. Peter Clemenza, at this point, with a closer shot, is still climbing up the set of stairs while two men are preparing for something in a motel room. The man in the barbers is leaving and lighting a cigarette, illustrating he may be stressed. There is another cut to the church as we see another close up of the baby and a long shot of the congregation, and it all looks calm, in contrast to the other cuts. We see Barzini going down the stairs outside of a building to find that his car is getting a parking ticket by the disguised policemen. The man who was last leaving the barbershop is still smoking his cigarette as he reaches a set of stairs. Peter Clemenza is seen arriving the top of the stairs, still carrying the package. Now we cut to Moe Green getting a massage. Another cut is used back to a closeup of the baby. At this shot, we see Clemenza trap one of the leaders in an elevator as he kicks him back and then whips off the packaging to be a shotgun, and he shoots him. Michael is seen again in the church, with his eyes piercing. We then see another man entering the massage parlor, Moe Green is then seen putting on his glasses and is then shot in the eye. This is again followed by another close up on Michael, showing that each time we see a killing, we immediately know who it points to because of the cuts to Michael. Another man is seen putting out his cigarette and then climbs up the stairs. The next shot we see is a glimpse of a man exiting the same building, but the previous man immediately catches him in the revolving doors and shoots through the glass with blood splattering against the glass. We see another cut to Michael, and immediately after, we cut back again to the two men who then burst in on a man as he is in bed with a woman and they shoot them both numerous times with their weapons. Michael again with a close up shot. The disguised policeman first shoots the chauffeur and bodyguard and then finally shoots Barzini in the back. The scene then ends with a close up of Michael and a series of bodies of the men who were killed during the baptism.

I’m sorry I know this sucks 🙁