What. A. Week. 5.

This week was really long but I’m glad I explored and figured out Audacity, even though it took me quite awhile. The sound effect story was a lot of fun to make and I worked really hard on it, trying to find the perfect sounds. Since I live in the loft of an old house I made sure to capture that with the old creaky door and steps. The other two audios I made this week were also fun! I definitely learned a lot from the exploration of Audacity and I think it will really help during the rest of the semester. Another thing from this week was the radio tweet along, the escape music and the scared tone of the characters voices, really creeped me out though.

What. A Week. 3.

What. A. Week. 2.

This week went a lot better than last week, for sure! I explored WordPress and the different ways to customize my blog, I did different assignments and, of course, the Daily Creates. I did a visual assignment, a writing assignment, and an AnimatedGIF assignment for this week. My favorite assignment was the AnimatedGIF assignment, it was tons of fun to work on my GIF and I felt like I could really get creative with it. However, this week, I learned that I really need to up my participation and work on my time management.

Signing off!

What. A. Week. 1.

This week has definitely been a challenging one because I put my blood, sweat, and tears into making this blog. When I say tears I am not joking, I cried for a second because I thought my whole blog that spent hours on got deleted. This week I spent a total of four and a half hours at the Digital Knowledge Center and I learned that they are lifesavers. Every time I thought I figured it out, something else got messed up. At one point my dog, Ruby, stepped on my computer and the WordPress application on my panel GOT DELETED, not mad at her though. I feel much better, now that everything is fixed and published! Updating and posting are a lot more enjoyable when you’re doing it the right way. Still super excited for the class though!

Here’s a picture of Ruby, so you all can see why I couldn’t be mad at her!

Signing off dudes!