Acrostic Pictures- Rework!

I decided to rework this post because I wanted to show more of myself in the pictures and only use pictures I have. Also, I completely forgot to include my pup the first time, which is wild!

Law for L: A picture of me at the first Pre-Law interest meeting and the law school I am going to be attending in the fall! (just got accepted yesterday!)

Adventurous for A: The picture on the left is from the Lighthouse on Anastasia Island, St. Augustine, FL. My best friend and I decided on a whim to drive to Florida for spring break and my brother took us on a 3 mile walk to the lighthouse and all the way to the top! (I was super tired) The other picture is a picture my other brother and I on a hiking and kayaking vacation my family went on!

Unique for U: I chose these pictures of me because I think they illustrate my corky, unique side.

Ruby & RBG for R: The first picture is a picture of Ruby and I on my birthday and she sat with me to blow out my candles. RBG is still by idol and this is my new favorite picture of her!

Eagle for E: Obviously, I am a student at UMW. I chose to use the picture on the left because it is the picture my mom took of my dogs and I right before I left for my first day at UMW, after I transferred! The other picture is my best friend and I, which I included because she made my experience at UMW 10000x better and it is my last first day as an Eagle!

NO NUTS for N: I chose to use these two pictures because it shows how serious my allergies are and the last two times I went to the hospital because of my allergies!

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