Happy. Euphoric. Ecstatic.

This post is the writing assignment, emotional Lyrics. I chose songs that make me happy and I thought I would use the 80s theme for this post and use only songs released in that decade. Here are the songs I picked and why I picked them:

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1983): This song makes me feel happy because it is super upbeat and an anthem for feminists of the 1980s and the music video illustrates the way women can have relationships and fun, without men! If you read the lyrics, it is an anthem for young, independent, working women, who are finding their feet for the first time. 

Walking on Sunshine (1983): The song walking on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves just embodies being super happy. The title itself is an amazing metaphor for being really happy and in love. 

Don’t Worry Be Happy (1988): I think this song makes everyone feel happy, honestly. The lyrics are optimistic in this song, even though there is a lot of problems to overcome. This song just reminds people to be positive even in hard times. 

If these songs don’t make you happy, I don’t know what does!

Signing off 🙂

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