What. A. Week. 10.

I felt like I did really well on my assignments this week and I actually enjoyed them, until my computer decided to hate me… Overall I enjoyed the week though and the reading by Ebert showed me that the placement of a character on the screen helps the audience develop an idea of what the relationships are and what is happening between the people. The clip of Alfred Hitchcock demonstrating how film cuts could change how we view a character, even if the only thing affected is the middle scene was really interesting. He used a clip made of two close-ups, one of a man and the other of a woman. Originally, the woman is holding a child so when the screen flips to his facial expression and he smiles it creates one feeling in the audience. However when we exchange the woman for one in a bikini but keep the same final image of his face, the audience gets an entirely different feeling of the man.

But here are my assignments!

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